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PostSubject: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT   Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:58 am


Most people don't like the new LMA. I'm sure i don't. It's not because of SneakPally though. Sneak is doing a fine job, and he's trying to keep up to Alethius' standards. All of the nations are trying to raid us all the time because we are so weak. Now, the problem is, we need more people at raids. Personally, i am finally getting around to the idea of helping Sneak. On the other hand, most people in HellSpawn, Wings, Oreos, Fatality, Council, and Aftershock, aren't defending or raiding at all. I can understand why though.

Rampage - Ah, Sneak's guild. You can mostly find Sneak spamming up the red chat, or his guilding sitting and lounging around Regenshien during a huge raid. I think i saw it twice or 3 times today that Sneak was calling out to EVERYONE to come to raid and his guildies were just sitting there AFK or running around. The only problem i have with Sneak is the way he handles problems. He resorts to Chris' spamming, but instead of just saying 1 word, he says sentences over and over. Why doesn't he just help raid or defend, rather than spam up the chat box? He also abuses red chat at times. He often makes fun of trolls on it, when he should be doing that on shout. Red chat is for raids and defences, yet he thinks otherwise. Sneak really needs to step up his game on his guildies. He needs to create a level of authority, so that they respect him, and follow the hidden law of the LMA. ALWAYS DEFEND NO MATTER WHAT. Kind of a given.

Syndicate - AKA: Traitors. As you know, they left thier alliance that they sieged with, and went to the LMA. They didn't even talk about it, they just acted upon it as soon as Chris offered it. They never even talked it out or anything just went right ahead and did that. Also, Raiine wasn't always the leader. During siege, if you noticed, Pickled was the one with the sign above his head. You want to know why? He was the guild leader. He gives Raiine anything she wants really. She acts like she doesn't want it, but then why does she accept it? Have you seen her armor? Guess who bought that for her? Pickled. She's a spoiled rotten greedy person who can't take the heat. She keeps getting raged at for what she did, and you know what she does? Freak out, sware at you, then delete you from her friends list. And by the way, you used to be good friends. I do have one good thing to say about her though. She seems to have that level of authority on her guild. From what i've seen, Syndicate is the one who shows up to raids the most. Every one i've been to, Syndicate was massed there. Maybe it was just the raid, but i doubt it. For that, i give you kudos Raiine. But wait, maybe no one takes her seriously? Maybe Pickled still leads the Syndicate army? You know what? Probably. Raiine is the one with the title, but Pickled probably tells her what to do ALL THE TIME.

Many people want to siege actually because of Chris. Chris is mostly AFK, and gets mad when you pk him at his natural habitat, Algon Post. He gets really mad to be correct, but if he doesn't want to be pked, he should just log out. I mean, sure he's allowed to have a life and job, but does he ALWAYS have to be logged in? I feel somewhat sorrow for him though, as he has to deal with the whole nation and thier complaints towards the new LMA. No one will ever be happy really. No one likes change. Some didn't like the old LMA, some don't like the new LMA. You can't please everyone really.


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PostSubject: Re: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT   Sat Sep 11, 2010 2:07 am

Just saying, while you were writing this, I was at Tab Pass for like 30 minutes, and the main guild I saw was Council. Pretty much all of the other people were scattered from random guilds; I saw hardly any Syndicate or any other organized guild. Sneak was at the front of Tab Pass for a bit before running to the rift.
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PostSubject: Re: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT   Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:37 pm

I agree 100%.
I dislike Raiine.
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