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 Castle Siege Defense Information

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PostSubject: Castle Siege Defense Information   Castle Siege Defense Information I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 03, 2010 6:04 pm

Taken from the Empire forums (http://empire.synergyirc.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=74&t=1156)

As Lord Marshal, one is able to configure the defenses in Castle Siege. This includes upgrading the defense rate, health, material type, location of towers, tower type, locations of real inner gates, and orb locations.

Castle Siege Defense Information Outergates
The outer gates are the first barrier through which an Enemy must pass to be able to have a shot at taking the Lord Marshal's Flag. They are numbered 1 through 5, though the 4th gate is the one through which the defenders come, and is open to start (I assume). When a gate comes under attack, a popup indicates which gate is under siege by number. Learn which gate is which.

Gates can be reinforced (increase HP), fortified (increase DEF), and the type of material changed (strengthened overall). This is done to one gate at a time, and is very expensive. However, the bill is paid by the National Treasury. We need only provide the materials.

Base Stats:
Material: Copper Outer Gate
Durability: 245,000
Defense: 380

Reinforcement Rank 1: +15,000 to Durability, 101,961 Gold
Fortification Rank 1: +40 to Defense, 101,961 Gold

Material Upgrades:
Castle Siege Defense Information Outergateupgrades

Castle Siege Defense Information Innergates
The inner gates are the second barrier through which an Enemy must penetrate. Defenders are in the inner walls, and (may, not sure) be able to get into the innermost area before an inner gate is destroyed, allowing us to line the walls and drop AoE attacks down on people attacking the gate. Inner gates likewise have a popup when they come under attack, so learn the numbers for them.

Now, there is something special about the inner gates. The red gates are fake, and cannot be destroyed. They can be damaged, and pretty quickly, but they cannot be destroyed. The real gates are yellow, and can be repositioned at will outside of Castle Siege during the leadup to the main event. In this way, as defenders we can change the location of the gates each Siege, keeping them on their toes.

Like the outer gates, these gates can also be upgraded, however their base material cannot be changed. They can only have their defense fortified, and durability reinforced.

Base Stats:
Durability: 197,000
Defense: 320

Reinforcement Rank 1: +18,000 to Durability, 93,478 Gold
Fortification Rank 1: +35 to Defense, 93,478 Gold

Castle Siege Defense Information Towersc
An additional defensive measure to assist in defending the Castle from our Enemies. They are in the middle ring, inside the Outer gates, but outside the Inner gates. As such, they are only safe from attack for so long. They can be repositioned during the week like the Inner gates, and there are only ever 3.

They can be reinforced and fortified, as well as upgraded to change the type of tower. The damage dealt is not listed, so the exact benefits are unknown. However, like the gates, they are also expensive. The bill is paid out of the National Treasury, however.

Base Stats:
Type: Guard Tower
Durability: 115,000
Defense: 260

Reinforcement Rank 1: +12,000 to Durability, 68,649 Gold
Reinforcement Rank 2: +12,000 to Durability, 79,429 Gold [I accidentally hit enter... gg]
Fortification Rank 1: +25 to Defense, 68,649 Gold

Material Upgrades:
Castle Siege Defense Information Towersupgrades

Castle Siege Defense Information Orbsv
Orbs! These are the last line of defense. Once they fall, the attacking guilds will have a shot at the Flag itself. They must all be activated, and then "held" or something by players so that the leading Guild leader can hold the flag. We have two minutes if ever this happens, to invade and destroy the players in the middle. Guild Leaders are represented by a winged icon. While they are at the flag, they cannot use skills, cannot use their potions, and so are vulnerable. Sneaking a wave of RM's in and sniping them into oblivion is likely to be effective.

However, if it gets to the point, things aren't looking good.

Like everything else, they can be reinforced and fortified, though it's only in small amounts.

Base Stats:
Durability: 145,000
Defense: 220

Reinforcement Rank 1: +8,000 to Durability, 72,857 Gold
Fortification Rank 1: +15 to Defense, 72,857 Gold
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Castle Siege Defense Information
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