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 Ye im...Elleid...aslo goes by jesse

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PostSubject: Ye im...Elleid...aslo goes by jesse   Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:07 pm

My real name is Jens Eriksson people call me jesse. Im 15 years old 95'er. i was born on the 30th of mars. I got 1 lovely dog named Ralf that you will hear on vent and i also got 2 wonderful birds (Nymph paracits) named Pepsi and Fanta. My favourite colour is dark green/red/blue and favourite ''not counted as colour'' is black. Im known in school for being a realy random minded last year my school grades went down since i was addicted to achivments and games....dark year of my life... but now im out of the addiction and loves to be in a guild again. I'v been in 2 of the most succses full guilds in aika....FinalBoss and Pravus. FinalBoss was a CB and early OB king guild we had the first and most 50's in whole aika. when they said ''no other then north americans'' most of us quited except me. i later came to join pravus and we had a real fun time until Evol got into a nation position. i left aika for about 1 or 2 months and came back whit almost no people on buddy list and no guild. i love Gorillaz, Hoffmaestro, Dragonforce, jason mras, jack johnson, onerepublic,the fray and some other sweet singers^^. im raised in a rock family where every1 can play atleast 1 or 3 instruments and im playing drums. iv played WoW, NeoSteam, Guild wars, Runescape, crysis(all 3), half life 1 2 eps 1 and 2, counter strike:source, mw2 and some other shooting games TF2! its the best relax shooting game ever. im saving money for a corvette to buy when i get 18. i love animals and girls....specialy girls.....giiiiiirls...........GIRLS! i can fill up whit stuff whenever you want if some info you'd like to know everything from my hair colour to private info. im sharing it all just ask for it.
Online names are: Elkid Elkid0 ElkidZero Al J capon Big Dawg Jessie Dropping in Elleid and Jaozha

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PostSubject: Re: Ye im...Elleid...aslo goes by jesse   Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:44 pm

Aww, I wanna see this Ralf and them birdies you speak of! Also, isn't black a shade/tone, not a colour? O:

I have lots in common with you, though. Swedish people FTW! You ARE Swedish, right?
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Ye im...Elleid...aslo goes by jesse
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