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 Time zone conversions!

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Time zone conversions! Empty
PostSubject: Time zone conversions!   Time zone conversions! I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 24, 2010 9:53 pm

ok since i know we all live in different time zones ive decided to post a conversion chart! its pretty simple to use when you look at it. but ill post it in simple steps then the chart

1)find your time zone! for me its eastern but when we look at global marine time (GMT also known as grenich mean time*) im -5

2) find the time zone your working in! lets say theres an event being held at 8pm GMT id have to subtract 5 hours which would mean its 3pm for me! where as if i held an event at 3pm for someone from GMT time to attend they would have to add 5 hours! making it 8pm!

3)subtract/add depending on your time zone! SEE EXAMPLE ABOVE!

and heres our lovey map.

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Time zone conversions!
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