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 One Final Dust

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PostSubject: One Final Dust   Sat Aug 21, 2010 3:39 am

I could write a heartfelt tear-jerking wall of text, or I could just spit this out.
So basically I'm gone.
I was gifted an exile scroll by Fame of Hostile.
It is under the conditions that i join Hostile and CS with them... today.
Another spur of the moment exile I guess.

I really enjoyed your company.
You all are wonderful people who deserve the best.
You welcomed me into your family with open arms and truly embraced me.
You knew little of my motif, but you respected me as you respect one another.
You are meant for bigger and better things than me.
I am but a little blip in your radar, your course is set for glory; not me.

The waves of your memories will forever crash upon the shores of my heart,
Eroding my grief and wrong-doing away.
You may claim I inspired you, but truthfully you inspired me first.
I am an observer of people, watcher of society.
The moment I met Ansei I knew she was someone I had to know.
She had a spark, a flashy attitude.
The kind where you couldn't help but smile, even if they had just wronged you.

Ansei has something better than just that,
She has all of you.
You are all perfection, but each of you unique.
Special in every way, but flawless in all of them.
You possess a bond most children wish their family had.

With that I leave you

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PostSubject: Re: One Final Dust   Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:25 pm

Remind me to never write past midnight, that post barely makes sense pirat
Since Ansei likes Techno...
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One Final Dust
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